Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Baltistan is the most beautiful area of Pakistan which is situated in the extreme north with bordering India and China. Though Baltistan has divided into to parts hold by the two most lethal rivals of the world Pakistan and India. Major part of the Baltistan is controlling by Pakistan and the rest of Baltistan is captured by India.
In both the sections across the LOC the region is so beautiful the nature is at its best in these areas where we find every kind of refreshment for our souls. we can see the majestic mountain regions, the landscape of the area attracts people to get into the beauty for the pleasure which their eyes had never seen before.


The capital of Pakistan held Baltistan the base camp for the mountaineers and climbers to the worlds highest mountains. Visitors all around the globe comes to skardu via flight from Islamabad and after that they start their journey towards K2 and other mountains of the area.
In skardu many tourist attractions which are.........
  • Shangrilla
  • Kachora Lake
  • Satpara Lake
  • Deosai Plateau
  • Buddhas monument
  • Burghe Pass
  • Kharpocho Fort